Fred Wendel Storis pictures 1942-1946

It is a 'small world we all live in.' Here I am almost age 63, a State Farm agent of 35 years and because of a forum we agents have I had the good fortune of locating an agent who's father-in-law served aboard the Storis during the war.'

Attached are a few pictures he has just Emailed me and I post them for your viewing pleasure.

Artic Circle Article

Artic Circle Induction & Article

Fred's Birthday Present - 'A Bull Whip'

notation on back of photo "August 1945 Eastwind refueling the Storis Walrus Bay"


Storis Officers in Officer's Dinning Room

presail.jpg Pre Sail Meeting

Storis At Docks in Iceland

Storis Officers in Front of Wheel House

Notation on back of photo-"Skjoldungen 24 Sept 1945 'Storis' in the 'hole' anchored and moored with four quarter cables. Pumping oil to the station."

On Shore in Greenland

The Photographer


Some time ago we were discussing the Storis by e-mail and I mentioned that my father in law, Chief Warrant Officer Fred Wendel, had spent most of the period 1942 to 1946 on the Storis. He was assigned to it out of the Cleveland District before the ship was even commissioned. I mentioned that my wife had a scrapbook with some photos of that period but that it had not surfaced since our move into what was to become our retirement home.

Since that time I became involved with my retirement after 41 years with State Farm, a move to NW Lower Michigan, open heart surgery, etc., etc.

Now the book has turned up and I'm sending you a couple of pictures scanned by the new scanner my wife got me for Christmas.

Please let me know if this comes thru OK, and if you would be interested in seeing any more. They are taken in the Greenland/Iceland area where the Storis was on patrol most of the war years. Photo #1 is the ships' officers on the bridge and in the Officers Dinning area. My father in law is on the far right as you view the photo on the bridge..

Bud Grant
(Retired State Farm Agent)"

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Some notes found in a log of Fred's - Alongside the entry for Storis 9-30-42 is a pencil notation Ch Warrant Off.W.W.II.

Prior to the Storis entry is says Dept. in Ship-Todelo 7/06/42 to 9/30/42 so I guess the Storis was ready to go then. He was reassigned from the Storis to the Holly Hock 3-27-46 to 6-26-46 and the Crocus 6-26-46 to 7-13-46 when he was returned to the station at Frankfort, MI 7/13/46 to 1/24/47. He then went to Beal Alemeda, CA 1-24-47 to 2-05-47 when he was assigned to C.G.C. Heithe 2-05-47 and C.G.C. Wilton 3-26-47 and Woodbine 10-3-47 and DC9CGO 10-27-47. Then to Frankfort, MI 10/28/47and retired from there 10-01-49.

My wife tells me he became friends with Victor Mature when they were on the Storis and, after the war, Mature called him to come to California and run his yacht for him. He turned him down!

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Note: If any of you knew Fred Wendel, I'm sure his family would like hearing from you. Please drop an Email to: