Welcome to the Alaska / Bering Sea Patrol Association's web page.

Unfortunately we are no longer active. Dick Juge, former Chairman, still manages this web site regarding our Alaska and Bering Sea Patrol history.

Chief Doak Walker (Retired/Deceased) Has been our chairman for A-BSP.com since 2010, and jointly manages a biannual reuniong for his Allships Reunion.

Unfortunatly January of this year, 2019, Doak 'Passed Over the Bar.' thus his association is also disbanding.

Unless someone volunteers to take over this daunting task, I'm afraid there is no longer a known Coast Guard Veterans Association available.

Jayme Sullivan, Doak's caretaker and daughter-in-law is his exectutrix and is working hard to pass along Doak's many historic documents and items. She sent to me lots of Alaska / Bering Sea artifacts of which I just shipped, after sorting, all to Captain Eugene Davis, volunteer of our Coast Guard Seattle Museum. FYI that Museum is run strictly by volunteers and has a wealth of items for any Coasties to enjoy. Their hours are Mon, Wed and Friday 8a-3p.

Please peruse this website as it has lots of history also. Copy and and all of the documents and photos you desire. It's my understanding that most any items related to the military is all public domain.

Lastly I am adding a page with Youtube.com addresses of many videos I have posted relating to our Northwest Passage in 1957 plus lots of other Alaska info. Please enjoy!'

I'm getting too old to continue on with this webpage. I offer it for free to preferably a Coast Guard organization who would be interested in taking over the reins, please call me at 504 450-1675